• Syngas

    The renewable feed gas

CO2 put to use

CO2 can be reused as a feedstock to produce carbon-neutral chemicals and synthetic fuels (“e-Fuel”). The electrolysis of CO2 together with water yields syngas – a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. It is a feed gas that can be transformed into many hydrocarbon products. Renewable syngas will alleviate the exploitation of fossil fuels and make a major contribution to carbon reduction in industries and mobility.

Process Sunfire-Synlink (SOEC)

Syngas Electrolysis Solutions

Sunfire-SynLink SOEC is the optimal solution for your renewable syngas production in industrial environments. Running at 850°C, the electrolyzer simultaneously processes water steam and CO2 to syngas gas in one single step. By integrating industrial off-heat, our unique electrolysis solution provides substantially more syngas output for the same renewable electricity input compared to other syngas production pathways.

Sunfire-SynLink SOEC

The electrolyzer follows a modular system design. One system produces 750 Nm³/h syngas with a power consumption of 3.85 kWh/Nm³ and a flexible syngas ratio.

Sunfire syngas electrolyzer generation 2

Core advantages

+ Co-electrolysis: High efficiency one-step conversion of CO2 & water yields lowest syngas costs

Versatility: Supply of a broad range of H2/CO molar ratios

Reliability: Certified electrolyzers with proven long-term operation

Flexibility: Modular design simplifies scaling to any desired electrolysis capacity

Sustainability: No use of PGM-based materials in electrolyzer production


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Renewable syngas obtained via co-electrolysis substitutes crude oil and natural gas as feedstocks. As feed gas, it can be processed into many hydrocarbon products including chemicals and e-Fuels – without adaptions in existing industrial and transportation infrastructures.

e-Fuel for Aviation


e-Fuel is the renewable substitute for fossil-based transport fuels such as jet fuel, diesel or gasoline. The underlying Power-to-Liquid production process comprises a co-electrolysis of water and CO2 to syngas, a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to obtain a renewable crude and a refinement of that crude to a renewable, synthetic fuel. Sunfire-SynLink SOEC enables fuel suppliers, airlines and logistics companies to cost-effectively produce different blends of e-Fuel.


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Syngas for chemical industry


Syngas is an indispensable feedstock for chemical products such as ammonia and methanol. More specifically, renewable syngas can be used to produce a wide range of fertilizers and agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, polymers, colorants, detergents, or fine chemicals. Sunfire’s SynLink electrolyzer help the chemical industry to utilize CO2 sources and turn them into valuable renewable products.


We are taking our syngas co-electrolysis solution to the next level. Together with innovative partners, Sunfire realizes the world’s first Power-to-Liquid projects to make infinite renewable e-Fuel production a reality.


Kopernikus Power-to-X

Within the German government-funded Kopernikus program “Power-to-X”, we successfully validated our co-electrolysis technology. Currently, we scale Sunfire-SynLink SOEC electrolyzers and fully integrate them into a complete large-scale Power-to-Liquid process.

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Sunfire Projects Kopernikus Power-to-X
Sunfire Projects Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel

Norsk e-Fuel is a Norwegian project developer aiming to industrialize the production of the Power-to-Liquid processes. The first project will be implemented in Mosjøen, Northern Norway and will produce 50 million liters of renewable, fossil-free fuels to decarbonize the aviation industry.


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