Decentralised cogeneration with solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)

  • Cut energy costs — high efficiency and low maintenance costs
  • Secure your energy supply — grid independence
  • Emission reduction — reduction of CO2 emissions and almost no nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and particulate matter

Optimised solution for system providers offering end customers integration, installation and service.


  • Combined heat and power for residential and commercial buildings: apartment buildings | small businesses with year-round heat demand (hotels, hospitals)
  • Electricity consumers who need a reliable long-term energy supply: data centres | critical infrastructure (telecommunications, emergency management)
  • Small industrial users with a need for process heat




Rated electrical power (AC):

20 kW a)

Load variation:

30 to 100 % b)

Thermal output:

Up to 16 kWth

Electrical efficiency (AC):

≥ 50 %LHV c) d)

Total system efficiency:

Up to 90 % LHV

Gas feed:

Natural gas

(Optionally: biogas, sewage gas)


Average performance at beginning of life. Performance over its operating life may vary due to integration and installation concept as well as operating conditions.

a) Under standard test conditions with natural gas
b) Idle mode close to operating temperature is possible
c) Under standard test conditions at the beginning of its lifetime
d) At 100 % rated power

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