• Hydrogen

    The renewable feedstock and energy carrier


Hydrogen produced from renewable electricity substitutes fossil fuels and substantially lowers CO2 emissions across all sectors. As industrial feedstock, hydrogen is used for the refining of crude oil, iron and steelmaking as well as the production of fertilizers and of numerous chemical products. As energy carrier, renewable hydrogen decarbonizes mobility, power and heat supply.

Process Sunfire-HyLink (SOEC)

Hydrogen Electrolysis solutions

Sunfire’s HyLink electrolyzers are the optimal solution for your renewable hydrogen project. Based on Alkaline and solid oxide (SOEC) technologies, our electrolyzers are tailored to the unique requirements of your industry and local environment. Whether as standalone or hybrid electrolysis solution, we turn your hydrogen plans into reality.

Sunfire-HyLink Alkaline

Sunfire’s ultra-reliable pressurized Alkaline electrolyzer is optimal for applications without or with limited steam availability. With a highly reliable, long stack lifetime, the electrolyzer is our proven solution for renewable hydrogen productionn.

The electrolyzer has a scalable system design.


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Sunfire hydrogen electrolyzer

Core advantages

+ Robustness: Proven technology with demonstrated system runtime of more than 20 years

CAPEX: Lowest electrolyzer costs reduce capital requirements

Pressure: Renewable hydrogen is delivered at a pressure of up to 30 bar(g)

Scalability: Modular 10 MW stack design enables effective scaling to large electrolysis capacities

Adaptability: Easy integration into any environment – whether industrial or greenfield


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Sunfire-HyLink SOEC

Sunfire’s high temperature, solid oxide cell electrolyzer is the superior electrolysis solution for industrial applications when steam is available. Running at 850 °C, our SOEC utilizes industrial off-heat to process water steam to hydrogen at highest conversion efficiencies.

The electrolyzer follows a modular system design. One system produces 750 Nm³/h hydrogen with a power consumption of 3.6 kWh/Nm³.


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Sunfire hydrogen electrolyzer generation 2

Core advantages

+ Steam electrolysis: Utilization of industrial off-heat as steam reduces electricity demand

Efficiency: Market-leading efficiency (84 %LHV TO AC) yields lowest hydrogen costs

Reliability: Certified electrolyzers with proven long-term operation

Flexibility: Modular design simplifies scaling to any desired electrolysis capacity

Sustainability: No use of PGM-based materials in electrolyzer production


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Green hydrogen for refineries


Hydrogen is used in industrial refining processes to produce conventional liquid fuels such as jet fuel, diesel and gasoline. Renewable hydrogen substitutes hydrogen produced from natural gas via steam reforming.

Green hydrogen for steel production


Renewable hydrogen will transform today’s carbon-intensive primary steelmaking process via the blast furnace route using coal to a hydrogen-based direct reduction route. At same time, renewable hydrogen substitutes hydrogen produced from fossil sources in existing processes.

Green hydrogen for chemical industry


Hydrogen is a fundamental feedstock in the chemical industry. It is a basic component for the production of ammonia and serves as a key element for the production of methanol, which can be further processed into fuels or polymers. Renewable hydrogen substitutes hydrogen produced from fossil fuels – significantly lowering CO2 emissions of chemical production plants.

Green hydrogen for mobility


Renewable hydrogen used in fuel cell electric vehicles is a net-zero mobility solution. With a growing network of refueling stations, it is a highly effective solution to replace fossil fuels across a wide range of applications. Especially for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, busses and trains, renewable hydrogen is the future.

Green hydrogen for power and heat

Power and Heat

For large-scale power and heat supply, hydrogen produced from renewables is a clean energy source. It can be stored temporarily, transported in gas grids and reconverted into electricity, e.g. in fuel cell power plants or gas turbines. Substituting natural gas as energy carrier for buildings, power plants or industries, renewable hydrogen contributes to substantial CO2 emission savings in the energy sector.

Selected Projects

Sunfire is providing tailored electrolysis solutions for innovative renewable hydrogen projects. We are realizing projects together with our industry partners.


Our partner Neste aims at decarbonizing all activities until 2035. The project marks the first implementation of a Sunfire-HyLink SOEC electrolyzer at multi-MW-scale (2.6 MW). The electrolyzer will supply renewable hydrogen to Neste’s refinery in Rotterdam as a replacement for hydrogen produced from fossil natural gas.

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Sunfire Projects Multiplhy
Sunfire Projects Demo4Grid


In the project Demo4Grid, funded by the EU and Switzerland, a Sunfire alkaline electrolyzer (3.2 MW) produces green hydrogen at the MPREIS food production center in Völs, Tyrol. The hydrogen is being used to supply a fueling station and an industrial bakery oven. In addition, the electrolyzer provides grid balancing services under real operational and market conditions.


GrInHy 2.0

The steel project marks the first implementation of Sunfire-HyLink SOEC electrolyzer at large-scale in an industrial environment. Until the end of 2022, the electrolyzer will produce renewable, high-purity hydrogen that will be used for annealing processes in Salzgitter’s integrated steelwork as a replacement for hydrogen produced from natural gas.

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Sunfire Projects Grinhy 2.0
Sunfire Projects RWE


At RWE’s site in Lingen, a 10 MW Sunfire-HyLink Alkaline electrolyzer will produce green hydrogen. It will be fed into a public hydrogen network or mixed with the fuel for gas turbines at the power plant.

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Our project with Total heralds a new era for the industrial production and use of renewable hydrogen and methanol in refineries. The implementation of a Sunfire-HyLink SOEC electrolyzer marks the first step for the industrial-scale production of synthetic methanol from renewable hydrogen and industrial concentrated CO2.

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Sunfire Projects ECO₂MET
Sunfire Projects P2X

P2X Solutions

A 20 MW Sunfire-HyLink Alkaline electrolyzer will produce green hydrogen for Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant. In a next step, some of the hydrogen will be further processed into renewable synthetic fuels.

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Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park

The Bad Lauchstädt Energy Park, located in the central German chemical triangle, will be used for the production, storage, transport and economic use of green hydrogen. At the heart of the project is a 30 MW Sunfire HyLink alkaline electrolyzer. The project brings together an experienced consortium of partners with proven expertise, including VNG, a European gas and gas infrastructure group, and energy company Uniper, one of the leading electricity suppliers in the world.

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Sunfire Projects Uniper


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