Flexible, decentralised production of hydrogen for industrial users

  • Highly efficient hydrogen production using industrial waste heat (steam)
  • Modular system designed to meet customers' hydrogen demands up to megawatt scale
  • Technology based on solid oxide cells (SOCs)


  • Industry: metallurgy | flat glass | electronics | chemicals
  • Mobility: refineries | fuelling stations


Power (per module) a)


Rated electrical power (AC):

150 kW

Load variation (Houtput):

0 to 125 % b) c)

Electric efficiency (AC):

82 %LHV c)

Specific electric energy (AC):

3.7 kWh/Nm3 c)


40 Nm3/h c)

Hpressure (after compression):

10 bar (g)

Hpurity (after gas cleaning):

99.999 %

Atm. dew point temperature: −60 °C

 Steam input:

Saturated steam: 40 kg/h @ 150 °C

Pressure: 3 bar (g)

 Electrical interface:

3 phase, 380/400/480 VAC; 50 Hz/60 Hz


< 60 dB @ 3 m distance

 Ambient temperature:

−20 °C to +40 °C


Communication for remote monitoring and control


Average performance at beginning of life. Performance over its operating life may vary due to integration and installation concept as well as operating conditions.

a) Modules can be multiplied to meet hydrogen demand. All products are offered in standard containers
b) Idle mode close to operating temperature is possible
c) At 100 % rated power performed at standard testing conditions and beginning of life

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