Sunfire has received the "Hydrogen Champion" award

Sunfire has received the "Hydrogen Champion" award

Jülich, September 22, 2022

Düren is one of Germany's hydrogen model regions. For the first time, the district has now announced an award.

Representing the entire company, Sunfire CEO Nils Aldag was honored as a "Hydrogen Champion". During the award ceremony, the jury particularly appreciated the company's pioneering role in the electrolyzer and green hydrogen sector.

On behalf of Nils Aldag, Arwed Gößler accepted the award in Jülich. He is the Managing Director of Sunfire Solingen – and he had an important story to tell: "We are a great example of the potential hydrogen holds in transforming the economy," Gößler reported on stage. "In recent years, still under our old name MTV, we have worked primarily for mining. Since then, we have completely reoriented ourselves. Now we belong to Sunfire and use our capabilities in the field of electrolysis. In this way, we are well prepared for the future."

Stories like these encourage Düren's District Administrator Wolfgang Spelthahn in his commitment to hydrogen. According to the media coverage, he had his eye on Sunfire for many years. Yet, the company did not only impress the District Administrator but also the other jury members. The committee consists of representatives from industry and research, including Prof. Wolfgang Marquardt (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Research Center Jülich) and Stefan Sterlepper from RWTH Aachen University.

Like Sunfire, the district of Düren is also known as a pioneer of hydrogen. For years, North Rhine-Westphalia has relied on hydrogen as an environmentally friendly form of fuel. Soon the gas will also be used to power trains and buses. In addition, the district even holds its own hydrogen trade fair.

Nils Aldag is therefore particularly happy to receive an award from Düren. "It is, in a sense, a prize that goes from one hydrogen pioneer to another," he said in his message of greeting.