Sunfire delivers high-temperature electrolyzer to RWE's hydrogen site in Lingen

Sunfire delivers high-temperature electrolyzer to RWE's hydrogen site in Lingen

Dresden, December 2, 2022

Large-scale hydrogen production – this is the goal set by the energy utility RWE for its Lingen site in Lower Saxony, Germany. As part of the TansHyDE project "GET H2 Nucleus", the company is testing various electrolysis technologies, including Sunfire's highly efficient high-temperature electrolysis.

As the first electrolyzer on site, the Dresden-based electrolysis manufacturer Sunfire delivered a 250 kW (kilowatt) system to Lingen. Once commissioned, the high-temperature electrolyzer will produce green hydrogen, which will be fed directly into RWE's test pipeline at the power plant. In the scope of GET H2 Nucleus, the project partners gain valuable insights into the transport of hydrogen.

Sunfire's solid oxide electrolysis cell technology (SOEC) is one of the most efficient on the market. At temperatures of 850 °C, the plant splits water steam into its components hydrogen and oxygen, using green electricity from an offshore wind farm.

Green hydrogen is a multi-talent and key for the energy transition – which RWE has also recognized. As part of its "Growing Green" strategy, the company is planning major investments in clean technologies. By 2030, RWE aims at building at least 2 GW of electrolysis capacity to produce green hydrogen.

As an additional pilot plant, Sunfire will install a 10 MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzer at RWE’s site in Lingen. The commercial project provides valuable insights into green hydrogen production on an industrial scale for both partners – for the energy utility as well as the electrolyzer manufacturer.

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Image: © RWE AG