EU commission appoints sunfire as member of the European clean hydrogen alliance

Dresden, July 8, 2020

German hydrogen pioneer to play a leading role in the development of the 2030 roadmap for hydrogen applications in industries. Sunfire has been nominated by Thierry Breton from DG GROW as a member of the Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an industry group focused on accelerating the adoption of clean, renewable hydrogen in Europe. The alliance brings together 18 CEOs from leading European industrial players including Bosch, Siemens and SSAB, as well as 12 political and civil stakeholders.

The Clean Hydrogen Alliance will play a central role in scaling up the clean hydrogen production to 40 GW by 2030 by designing and rolling an integrated European roadmap for large-scale hydrogen projects. As the burgeoning green hydrogen industry continues to mature, the importance of a concerted and calculated industry roadmap has never been more important.
In addition to headlining some of the most ambitious green hydrogen projects on the continent, Sunfire is now also responsible for developing the 2030 roadmap for hydrogen applications in industries. After nearly a decade of experience in the European green hydrogen industry, Sunfire has acquired substantial know-how on transitioning large industries from fossil fuels to renewable hydrogen.

“The past year has been truly transformative in the European green hydrogen sector. We have had the opportunity to partner with a number of world leading companies to develop green hydrogen solutions that will lay the groundwork for a carbon neutral Europe. The Clean Hydrogen Alliance will allow us to take this spirit of collaboration to the next level and help the hydrogen industry to take off.”

Nils Aldag

Managing Director Sunfire



As most industrial processes will continue to rely on fuels and gases until 2050 and beyond, green hydrogen and its derivatives stand to be the key lever in reducing industrial emissions and putting an end to the fossil fuels era. Many of Europe’s industrial giants have already shown their ambition to make a climate neutral future a reality, with a number of industrial hydrogen demonstration projects taking place over the past several years. These projects have focused on emissions-intensive processes such as refineries, iron and steel production plants, and jet fuel production.

Sunfire has helped initiate several high-profile green hydrogen pilots in the past years, both in Germany and abroad. Salzgitter’s GrInHy* project uses green hydrogen to decarbonize the energy intensive production of steel; MultiPLHY*, carried out in collaboration with Neste, ENGIE, CEA and Paul Wurth, is the world’s first high-temperature-multi-megawatt electrolyser which supplies green hydrogen for the production of renewable biofuels Together with three partners Sunfire recently announced the construction of the first commercial plant for the industrial production of synthetic fuels on the basis of green hydrogen in Norway.

*Funded by EU Horizon 2020 FCH-2JU program