Sunfire signs joint letter to the President of the European Commission

Made in Europe

Dresden, July 1, 2024

Sunfire signs joint letter to the President of the European Commission

20 electrolyzer manufacturers and suppliers, including Sunfire, Nel Hydrogen, Siemens Energy and Thyssenkrupp Nucera, have joined forces to support the development of a green hydrogen economy in Europe. Together, the manufacturers signed a letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen. The clear appeal: restore fair competition and introduce “Made in Europe" standards for the industry.

Europe is engaged in a global competition for leadership in the production of clean technologies. Currently, there are significant differences in the level and type of government subsidies, which has led to a distorted playing field. To restore balance and fair competition, and to support the European value chain, the companies are united in advocating for the introduction of resilience criteria. Alongside other European manufacturers, Sunfire calls for the next round of the EU Hydrogen Bank to be firmly linked to European value creation and to protect essential production steps in  electrolyzer manufacturing.

“Madame President, we call on you to implement the proposals made in the next round of the Hydrogen Bank. The rules of the EU Hydrogen Bank for the 2nd auction round provide a leading example! The time has come for a shift in European trade, competition and industrial policy. The EU needs to be bold and swift in implementing an industrial policy that is robust and resilient and supports the “Deal” in Green Deal. We strongly believe that Europe’s nascent renewable hydrogen sector and the electrolyser industry specifically must serve as the starting point for such an approach. It is now or never.“

Note: The specific proposals for the resilience criteria can be found in the Hydrogen Europe Position Paper.