Since its foundation in 2010, Sunfire has successfully established itself as a trusted partner for global companies. In 2016 it was named one of the ten most innovative energy companies in the world.


For jointly developing and refining solid oxide electrolyser and fuel cell systems, Sunfire is continuously looking for professional, reliable partners who have:

  • Experience in product development for energy systems or similar, equally complex end-customer products
  • Knowledge of the local energy markets and access to them through a good network or end customer base
  • Expertise in the installation, operation and maintenance of power generation systems
  • Commercial ability to pursue the product development from the prototype to the commercial product together with Sunfire


  • Technology that has been tried and tested in various field tests
  • Very good cost perspective for large-scale production
  • Different business and cooperation models at first, leading up to joint local production and/or licensing models for entering the mass market
  • A highly skilled engineering team to pass on the necessary expertise in a short period of time

We are open
to new ideas

Do you have a project in mind? Are you looking for an expert in the field of energy conversion?

Please feel welcome to contact us for further information on our products, for more details on our partnership model and to discover how we can work together. We will be happy to discuss the options with you.

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