• Sunfire contributes IP and know-how from cooperation with Vaillant into European market development project PACE to provide their own residential fuel cell
  • As of October 1, 2018, Sunfire will acquire all shares of new enerday GmbH, a specialist of small fuel cells for remote and residential applications
  • Concentration of all stationary SOFC development and manufacturing activities in Neubrandenburg, Germany
  • Headquarter with R&D activities and manufacturing of electrolysers to create hydrogen and synthetic fuels from renewable power will remain in Dresden, Germany


Dresden/Neubrandenburg (Germany), September 26th 2018

Sunfire GmbH is focusing strategically on sector integration with renewable hydrogen and synthetic fuels at their premises in Dresden, to prepare for industrial scale-up. The activities in Dresden will concentrate on R&D on the one hand, as well as the production of steam electrolysers as an important technology for the energy transition.

The fuel cell activities will be concentrated at the new location in Neubrandenburg. To this end, Sunfire acquired new enerday GmbH, a specialist in small battery cells for houses and off-grid power supply, from its previous shareholder ElringKlinger AG. The terms of the sale will not be made public but from October 1, Sunfire will acquire all shares of the company and keep on all 16 employees.

“The team around Matthias Boltze, the new enerday CEO, is well-known in the sector for solid and rapid development work. They deliver what they promise. This makes them fantastically suited to Sunfire and we now look forward to together serving the exciting fuel cell market with intelligent solutions,” said Andreas Frömmel, Sunfire’s Vice President Sales & Marketing.

During their longstanding partnership to develop residential fuel cells Sunfire initially delivered only the core of Vaillant’s units {the stack}, based on Sunfire SOFC technology, while Vaillant provided the surrounding system. This realignment sees Sunfire take over patent licenses and the necessary know-how of the system development exclusively from Vaillant.

With this, Sunfire now expands its fuel cell portfolio for off-grid power production with small units (400 W) and micro-CHP solutions (750 W) for residential buildings. This high-temperature fuel cells are fueled with methane from natural, bio or liquid gas.

The advanced development and manufacturing resources in new enerday’s field will help Sunfire deliver its Sunfire-Home complete residential fuel cell system to the market, one which is able to be combined with the standard heating equipment of the leading suppliers. Market introduction starts in the coming year, in the segment of those residential customers with no gas grid access. It’s often difficult for such customers to find an alternative sustainable replacement of the oil heaters mostly used in existing buildings. A limited number of 500 units will be sold via selected liquid gas suppliers to the market at competitive price comparable with the cost of traditional heating systems. This will be done with the support of the European FCH-JU funding project PACE.

The remote or off-grid power production from Sunfire on the basis of fuel cells with 3 kilowatt electrical performance has already been used in certain industrial sectors, for example, in the gas lines of Gazprom in Siberia. There is a special focus on signal and surveillance applications, as well as the oil and gas industry, followed by telecommunication applications.

This investment is another consistent step according Sunfire’s vision to provide clean energy in every sector, in the necessary volume and exactly when it is needed.