Fuel cells powered by natural gas or biogas are the energy supply of the future for residential, commercial and public buildings.

Integrated into our partners' cogeneration systems, Sunfire fuel cell systems reliably deliver environmentally friendly energy throughout the year, providing a clean and virtually noiseless alternative to existing heating systems. Users receive clean electricity as well as heating or process heat as needed, thus reducing their primary energy consumption.


The basis is Sunfire’s solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) with an overall efficiency of up to 90 percent and a high electrical efficiency of more than 30 percent. Combinations with renewable energy technologies are also possible. Users thus benefit from high efficiency and reliability — with low operating and maintenance costs.

These powerful bundles of energy supply electricity and heat throughout the year whenever they are needed on site. The environmentally friendly electricity produced according to the cogeneration principle ensures independence from rising electricity prices and the good feeling of being an active part of the energy transition.


  • Cogeneration for residential and commercial buildings: residential houses | apartment buildings | small businesses with year-round heat demand (hotels, hospitals)
  • Electricity consumers who need a durable energy supply: data centres | critical infrastructure (telecommunications, emergency management)
  • Small industrial users with a need for process heat

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