Clean and low-cost – Hydrogen for industries

Hydrogen is essential for a wide variety of industrial applications – glass, metallurgy, chemicals, food processing. Moreover, renewable hydrogen can contribute greatly to the global energy transition as a replacement of fossil hydrogen in refineries or as a clean molecule for fuel cell vehicles.

The Sunfire High-temperature Electrolysis, based on Solid Oxide Cell technology (SOC), promises lowest onsite hydrogen production costs, compared to legacy technologies, through very high electrical efficiencies and use of widely available materials.

Reversible into fuel cell mode

Due to its reversibility, the Sunfire Electrolysis can also be operated in fuel cell mode to provide peak power to hydrogen customers or to stabilize the electrical grid creating an additional stream of revenues.

Sunfire Electrolysis is the gateway technology to shift renewable electrons in times of over-capacity into the world of chemicals and fuels. Unlike bio-based molecules, Sunfire technology provides unlimited quantities using only water, in some cases CO2 and renewable electricity.

Hydrogen in Industry


To react with trichlorosilane gas to produce silicon


As a cooling medium for large generators in high speed turbine generators and nuclear power plants


To create a protective atmosphere for float glass manufacturing

Steel/ Metallurgy:

For annealing, neutral hardening, sintering and gas quenching in the steel industry


As a key molecule in many chemical processes such as ammonia, methanol, petroleum products, hydrogenated hydrocarbons, etc.

Food/ Edible Oils:

For hydrogenation of oils and fats with low melting point

Hydrogen in Mobility


As a replacement for fossil hydrogen from steam reforming to supply renewable kilowatt-hours to the production of conventional liquid fuels (diesel, gasoline, jet-a)


As a clean molecule for fuel cell vehicles


As a building block for CO2 reduction to produce renewable methane, diesel, gasoline, jet-a, synthetic waxes and other hydrocarbons

Hydrogen in Energy Storage

Isolated grids:

As a low cost, clean replacement for diesel generators

Grid support:

Providing secondary and tertiary reserve, peak load shifting and seasonal storage to grid operators in renewable energy rich electricity systems

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